ASA Color E6B Flight Computer (ASA-E6B-COLOR)

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Brand ASA
Material Metal
Item dimensions L x W x H 26.7 x 16.5 x 1.3 centimetres

  • Measures 9-3/4″ x 5″
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ASA’s color E6-B is enhanced with color for quick identification of key elements and easier readability. The new color E6-B is based on ASA’s most popular model: slide-rule-style flight computer, the ASA-E6B. It’s identical in size to the venerable favorite, made with the same solid aluminum construction and featuring all the functionality pilots have relied on for decades. On the circular side, black is used for the rate arrow and units to be calculated, red is used for weight and volume and blue is used for distance, time and temperature scales. On the wind side, colors are used to identify wind variation: blue identifies west (or right wind correction angle) and red identifies east (or left wind correction angle).

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Weight 272 kg




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Product dimensions

‎26.67 x 16.51 x 1.27 cm; 272 Grams

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‎272 g



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‎ 28 June 2018



10 reviews for ASA Color E6B Flight Computer (ASA-E6B-COLOR)

  1. Renan Francisco

    TopVery nice good quality

  2. Amazon Customer

    Quick, Accurate, nearly Fool-Proof; Enhanced with colors!I bought an ASA aluminum E6-B Flight Computer from an aeronautical book store in Burbank, CA for when I would have the time to actually take a flight school course; I figured having the device to learn and practice with, would give me a bit of a “head start” once I needed to plan flights for real.That was 20 years ago; it wasn’t hard to master at all – the calculator side is just a circular slide rule, and I was familiar with slide rules from my high-school days in the early 1970’s. Besides making quick work of Multiplication and Division, a slide rule is PERFECT for establishing RATIOS, and scaling them up or down to size or time – and the E6-B has the ratios for nearly any calculation a pilot needs to make already marked and highlighted for instant set-up. It even has a couple windows for adding a ratio-on-a-ratio, to see how temperature and air pressure and indicated altitude will affect the first calculation. Just line the marks for specific things on the outer scale with the specific quantities or times on the inner scale, and the entire range of values locked to that fixed ratio is instantly visible. …All that being said – on the original version, it easy to lose those reference arrows (in black) on the scales (in black) on the brushed aluminum. The NEW model, with color, makes the specific ratio points stand out in sharp contrast, making it easier to find what you are looking for – a BIG improvement in visual clarity, helping to eliminate a possible source of Error. The colors also apply to the wind-and-heading correction side, as highlights to the E/W and L/R and major (5-degree) divisions on the wind chart. The disks on the calculator and wind course plotter slide easily, but with just enough resistance to stay where you set them. The new version feels just as durable in base material and markings as my 20-year-old model. While I had no complaints about the original, the color-enhanced version is a very useful improvement, and definitely worth the difference in cost between the two! This was shipped by USPS (mail), and after reading previous reviews, I was a bit worried that it might arrive bent or similarly damaged beyond use; but it arrived within 4 days, and despite not being packed with any sort of stiffener or additional protection beyond the Bubble-Pak mailer, it arrived straight and true and flat, without any bends, folds, distortions, or marring. I am very pleased with this product and the source.

  3. Shopper

    just as describedNeeded for aviation classes. Required by instructor. Quality. Excellent information

  4. Matthew Dobbs

    Obviously UsedItem shipped in scratched condition with the packaging torn. If I didn’t need it soon I would send it back.

  5. Daniel

    Very good E6beven thought i am having trouble getting used to the E6B this is still 5* product. wen i opened the product i was about to return it due to what i thought where scratches on the inside of the circle.. My girlfriend suggested i take the compressed air and give it a a blow (yes that is what she said). and it was not scratches but dirt had some how got into during the packing process. also the long metal slide rule has plastic on it as well. i did not know this and after having used it everyday for a week i thought i had scratched the thing. Nope just plastic.goes to show they pride in their craft and handle it with care and put plastic on everything. my only suggestion would be to go IKEA style and wrap the circle part in plastic as well and have the buyer assemble when they get the product. but either way this is a great E6B.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Arrived early and in perfect condition.Really nice metal mechanical flight computer. Includes small but thorough instruction booklet and sleeve- type plastic binder for storage. Top quality all around.

  7. Gustavo Adolfo Escalante flores

    good! on time and in good conditions, a bit expensive thoughit was 10 dollars cheaper in my local aviation store but i did not have the time.

  8. Ricardo

    Well builtI always feel my calculator is a bit off (things don’t line up as expected) but it may just be me. The construction is quite sturdy though and it should last a lifetime.And once you get used to it, it’s quite practical and I sometimes prefer it over a spreadsheet or many apps.

  9. Alec

    Old fashioned computerI bought this flight computer for my upcoming FAA Exam, hopefully it serves me well. My ground school relied on manual E6-b flight computers rather than digital, and the instruction booklet was a good review on the usage. I wish they had more practice problems, despite most conversions being relatively easy themselves.

  10. stephen

    highly recomendThis is very high quality and the accuracy couldn’t be any better it will split hairs.

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