ASA HS-1 Aviation Headset

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Brand ASA
Model name language _ tag
Colour Black
Form factor On Ear
Connectivity technology Wired

  • Earcups of high-density acoustic foam for best passive noise attenuation
  • Has noise reduction rating (NRR) 23 dB
  • High fidelity speakers for clear, natural sound
  • Electret, noise-canceling flex-boom microphone reduces background noise and allows clearest voice transmission
  • Gold-plated microphone and headphone plugs ensure best connection and resist corrosion


Now with New Flex Boom Microphone! Good communications are essential for a successful flight. ASA provides this in the HS-1A with the most advanced technology, maximum comfort, high-quality components, and sleek look all for a reasonable price! Designed, engineered, and manufactured by experts in the headset business, ASA is so confident in the quality, the HS-1A is guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the original owner. Protect your hearing, dont miss any radio calls, and be certain your transmissions are heard with this feature-rich, value-priced headset.

Additional information

Weight 739 kg
Product dimensions

‎ 17.78 x 25.4 x 12.7 cm; 739 Grams

Date First Available

‎ 14 April 2018


‎ B001THL8SQ

Item Model Number




10 reviews for ASA HS-1 Aviation Headset


    Buena acústica, comodidad, muy buenos por el precio correcto!Todo funcionó muy bien, por lo menos en los primeros días de uso…esperemos que así se mantengan. Todo muy bien!

  2. evan

    Good entry levelTested them out the day i got them. Theyre pretty comfy (i have i think an average sized head), the audio is way better than the two other headphones ive tried its bright and clear with a little bit of lows that help to cut through the low frequencies the plane makes, they feel qaulity material too. The mic is very sensitive so you dont have to hold it against your lips like other mics, but usually the planes radio has a threshold so not a big deal.

  3. Nick

    Pretty impressive for it’s price!I fly Cessna 150’s, 172’s, and 182’s so it’s fairly loud(to me) in the cockpit. For the past year I’ve only used my Lightspeed Sierra headset when I fly, but I didn’t want to fork over $600+ for extra headsets. I didn’t wanna spend a ton of money so I figured I’d give these a shot. I bought these for passengers to use now that I’m flying other people more often. I was REALLY impressed by them considering their price!Now on to the review:Noise Reduction: 4.5 starsThey don’t hold a candle to my Lightspeed’s, but at 1/6th the cost, they are really good. BUUUUT, if you break the seal on the ear muffs, like with sunglass arms, the noise instantly jumps up. I almost always fly during the day and with sunglasses so this is annoying as I had to angle my sunglasses to where the arms were above the muffs. Not a big deal if your plane has good sun visors and you don’t need sunglasses, but I definitely thought it was worth mentioning.I bought a $320 David Clark headset that was similar to this ASA headset (PNR, no frills) but returned it after only 2 flights. This ASA headset is way, way better, and 1/3rd the cost.Sound Quality:These things are impressive!! Really impressive. For $115 I’m shocked at the sound quality. They sound as good, if not better than my Lightspeeds(possibly due to the Lightspeed’s ANR/negative noise). But every thing is crystal clear with this headset, even music played through the dash panel.Microphone: 5 starsAgain, really impressive. The headset I received is in fact the “HS-1a” which is what is pictured (it has the flexible mic boom). I installed the foam mic cover (which is included). This mic is better than Lightspeed mic! It picks up right when I start talking, stops when I do, and doesn’t miss anything. It actually makes me think something is wrong with my Lightspeed because the ASA mic works so flawlessly, whereas my LS mic occasionally won’t pick up/transmit what I’m saying.But no complaints the ASA mic.Comfort: 4.5 starsAfter reading all the other reviews before purchasing I was concerned about the clamping force being too strong as my head is somewhat large. As soon as I unboxed the headset I put it on, and then I stretched it to a distance of about an inch wider than each of my ears and held it there for a few seconds. This only took one minute and it definitely removed any excessive clamping force from the headset. If you’ve got a big dome like me, I highly suggest you pre-stretch the headset a little bit.The top pad is good. I’m bald so I don’t have any hair to cushion the top of the headset, so I can feel the difference in the top pad versus my LS’s. But honestly it wasn’t even noticeable after the first 5 minutes or so. It’s not plush like the LS, but it’s plenty comfortableMy longest flight so far with this product is just over 2 hours and I had no pain/issues whatsoever.Misc:Volume knobs – work great, nice and big, easy to use even with gloves on. Independent knobs are nice although I don’t need/prefer differing volumes in my headset.Cord length – seemed fairly short at first, but was plenty long enough once I got in the plane. I guess my LS’s just have a really long cord.Flightbag space – this headset doesn’t pack as easily as my LS’s but that’s to be expected. I just had to remove a velcro divider panel from my flight bag, rotate the headsets 90*, and pack them ‘coupled’ together. Not a big deal, just adds a few seconds to pre & post-flight packing.Looks – this headset looks great. I really like the all black look. It’s obvious to me that this is a budget headset, but none of my passengers can tell.In summary, you really can’t beat this headset for the price. I just ordered 2 more so I’ll finally have a full set of four headsets. These things put the David Clarks to shame.

  4. Paul

    Great value.This is a great headset for the money. Audio is clear, and the microphone is nicely balanced. (You should still have the mic as close to your mouth as you can have it, without swallowing it.)

  5. rabidreader

    Grandson loved itGreat for a beginner pilot. He’ll upgrade later, but for now, this was affordable and works great.

  6. Angela Gaulton

    Worth the moneyGreat value for the price. Also, very comfortable

  7. Jo

    Great purchase!!I bought these after a very detailed review on here and decided to try these. $200 compared to 500++ for top brand.Got them in 4 days. Super quick shipping.I am a student pilot (Cessna 172/ Piper PA-38) and wanted my own headset (post covid reasons) but didn’t want to spend mega dollars.I’ve used mine a half dozen times and I don’t hear any outside noise. Didn’t notice how good the noise cancelation was until I watched a video I took, from inside the cockpit, and could actually here it. Volume dials are great for hearing the tower and my instructor or turning them down when there’s too much chatter.These are light-ish for a female. Mic sound starts and stops with me. Top of the headset doesn’t bother me. I wear with and without a ball cap with no discomfort I also wear glasses and there is no issue with pinching or pressure on the arms of the glasses.Great starter set. Does the same job as the David Clarke’s we use at school for a fraction of the price.Only thing I dislike is the adjustment for sizing knobs. Kinda cheap and difficult to adjust on the first try. Actually had to put it back together because I turned it too far and the piece popped off. Easy fix and no problems since.Highly recommend for someone on a budget.

  8. Curtis Sauers

    Great HeadsetThe day I received my headset was the same day I had a flight planned. I was excited about trying these out and seeing how well they worked. As I was conducting my preflight I set my headset up and prepped them by setting the volume for each ear. After a little adjusting I got them set where I need them. Once we started to taxi and convicted a run up all calls were clear from me to other aircraft and it was clear hearing the other aircrafts calls. I have used the headset about 8 or 9 times now and they have worked great. If anyone is just getting started an they don’t want to break the bank, I highly recommend these. The only issue I have found was of course during run up and take off with a little bit of wind. Other than that I’m going to keep running these until I can’t anymore.

  9. JW

    Very good valueI have only used these fore 5 hours so far, but in that time, I am pleased with their performance. I spent hours looking over reviews and recommendations from other pilots. In the end, I decided on these based on price, research, and reviews. At a price point hundreds less than “top line” units, I don’t think I could have done better. The sound is clear as is the transmission. Aircraft noise is well controlled. They are comfortable to the point I forget I have them on until I land and cut off the power. Needless to say, so far, I am well pleased.

  10. Casey B.

    Great budget headsetIf you don’t need Bluetooth, active noise cancelling, and all the other bells and whistles, this is a great headset for the money. It’s very comfortable, provides good sound insulation without squeezing your head too much, and sound is perfectly clear. If you do long cross countries or are aiming for commercial work you might want to spend some more for more features, but for a student or hobbyist pilot or as an extra for your passengers, this is a great headset.

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