Flyboys – Reversible Kneeboard with Clipboard, Black | FB3316BLK

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Colour Black
Material Plastic
Brand Flyboys
Item dimensions L x W x H 22.1 x 14.3 x 0.8 centimetres
Item weight 0.75 Pounds

  • Fits right or left handed users by removing and refitting the clipboard from one side to the other
  • Detachable Eyelet Strip can be removed for stealth kneeboard mode
  • All accessories detachable and reconfigurable
  • New Blackout FlyBoys Logo
  • Stretchable elastic leg strap fits just about anyone’s leg
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Introducing our newest Fly Boys product, the Reversible Kneeboard! Designed specifically to accommodate ALL Pilots (right AND left handed!), while providing the same features as the standard kneeboard you know and love. All pouches and pen pockets are removable and secured in place with hook and loop. You can configure the FB3316 to meet the needs of your mission and preferences.

Additional information

Weight 340.19 kg
Colour Name




Product dimensions

‎22.07 x 14.3 x 0.76 cm; 340.19 Grams

Item Model Number




Material Type


Number of items


Fastener Type

‎Low Profile Clip

Manufacturer Part Number


Item Weight

‎340 g



Date First Available

11 August 2018



10 reviews for Flyboys – Reversible Kneeboard with Clipboard, Black | FB3316BLK

  1. Amazon Customer

    Nice unit. Overpriced. Belt strap Really Necessary but not apparently available!Its a nice unit and well made. In my opinion its overpriced for what it is and they nickel-and-dime “accessories” that should be included – like the belt support strap (for when walking around) but I cant find the belt strap anywhere. By the time you have purchased all the “sccessories” (like plate rings!) that are necessary to even make the thing useable you are north of $100. But it does seem to be tough and good quality. But I would rather pay $100 and get a functional unit rather than deal with this marketing approach.

  2. Doug Dryden

    The best and originalI had one many years ago and loved it, and this is exactly as I remembered it. Great for when you have to sit for long periods in a cramped space or without a desk.

  3. Jon A

    My new favorite knee board….if it folds rightComing from simple knee boards, I love this one. Love the flexible Velcro arrangement possibilities. Could use a better flashlight holder option. Only issue I have with it is it’s a little hard to fold up post flight loaded up. I have like a dozen plates in sheet protectors, checklists, pad for ATIs /taxi notes, pen and pencil etc. With all this in it, it doesn’t quite fold up when done. Just have to fold it up and put it in the flight bag. Otherwise love it. It might be better once I get a iPad mini mount and ads-b setup.

  4. Mr. Anonymous

    It works, but leaves room for improvementThis was a replacement kneeboard from a cheaper brand I’ve used for about 12 years.I like the versatility of the kneeboard and being able to switch sides if I want. However, for the price, I think the belt strap (for when you stand) should be included. Page rings of some sort should also be included.The pen sleeves are adjustable like the pocket via velcro, which is helpful.The velcro attachment for the rings is convenient, as it lets you change the orientation – however – I ended up cutting a piece of the hook side of velrco strip to cover the velcro side on the kneeboard, because the leg strap sticks to it inconveniently and while putting it in and out of a helmet bag.Overall I like it, but like I said, there are improvements. I don’t feel like spending $10 on a short length of webbing for the belt strap, so I’ll just make my own. I think the price premium on this brand warrants that being included, instead of having very high profit-margin accessories to be sold.

  5. David S.

    Pretty good kneeboard with a couple of buts…I purchased the Flyboys kneeboard because I wanted something that would not rotate around my thigh as much as a standard flat metal kneeboard did. I also really liked the idea of a kneeboard to which I could attach my checklist pages.In those two respects, the kneeboard does pretty well. It doesn’t rotate (much) and I don’t have to worry about a separate set of checklist pages sliding off my knee and wandering around the cockpit.There are a few things that I have found somewhat disappointing:1. The hole spacing on the eyelet strip is inconsistent / does not match the hole spacing of the Flyboys Checklist Page Sheet Protectors nor their Standard Checklist Pages – see photo.2. The fabric on the inside of the right side pocket is not sewn or glued. I expect that as I pull things (like my cell phone) out of this pocket, they will catch on this unsecured flap and tear the fabric.3. The Velcro hook patches on the underside/bottom of the kneeboard cause the fabric on pants / flightsuit to get picked.4. It would be nice if Flyboys provided instructions / suggestions on what the other Velcro patches, loops, etc. on the underside/bottom of the kneeboard are used for.5. It would be nice if they offered a slender curved cushion or silicone pad that could Velcro onto the underside/bottom of the kneeboard to provide better no-slide operation on top of the thigh.6. It is somewhat bulky in my flightbag – it would be nice if it folded back onto itself to help keep the stuff on the clipboard secure when in the flightbag.

  6. Andrew Karlsson

    Just make sure it’s clear of your yoke!I had finally had it… Pens falling on the floor, scrambling to write altimeter readings & frequencies… I decided I wanted a kneeboard but not one with sharp metal edges. I settled on this product although I found the name a little silly. I especially felt silly when the box arrived with an F-16 on the cover. LOLI clambered into a Cessna 172 with the swagger of Tom Cruise. …not really… As I was performing the run-up (before takeoff checklist) I checked the “Flight controls free & correct” and the yoke snagged on the top of the kneeboard. Not a huge deal but the idea of pulling back on the yoke for lift while the kneeboard gets in the way was a tad disconcerting. I adjusted the kneeboard and my seat position so as to allow free motion of the yoke. I highly recommend anyone purchasing this product do the same. Make sure it’s comfy but also safely clear of the controls. Decent price, cool features like a removable pouch, mobile phone pocket and overall easy to use & figure out.

  7. healthyfatboy

    Works well as a Kneeboard, less as a clipboardI needed something for when I go on field tests and also something useful for when I’m driving around and this fits the bill pretty well. It straps on really well and the Velcro works great too. I purchased the other extras that Velcro on separately from the manufacturer directly and they are also of good quality and the Velcro is great. It’s a lot of stuff and with the belt loop strap, it gets to be a bit cumbersome and a little unwieldy at times but it does seem to work alright, probably better if you’re taller (I’m about 5.5′).Anyway, one of the features that have been said is that the clipboard can be used standalone and it’s kind of true. It needs to necessarily be a little flimsy to allow it to bend along your leg but standalone, it doesn’t work out as nicely because it is curved. Not a huge deal but it’s not quite what I was expecting but after thinking about it, it makes sense.It works well overall and would be recommended for anyone that might need something like this for quick notes while sitting in a moving environment.

  8. Sir Lend´a´lot

    Klein aber nicht klein genugOrdentlich verarbeitet, macht einen wertigen und haltbaren Eindruck. Leider für meine Zwecke immer noch zu groß: in unserem UL (FK9 Mk3) geht es so eng zu, dass mit angelegtem Kniebrett keine vollen Ruderausschläge mehr möglich sind. Ich hab es trotzdem behalten. Muss ich mir halt ein größeres UL kaufen 😂

  9. nicknamesalreadytaken

    Perfect for small joystick aircraftAs a student pilot in an Evektor Sportstar LSA, I quickly realized the need for a kneeboard. I tried one “small” one but it was still big enough to interfere somewhat with the stick as well as the parking-brake-type flap handle between the seats. I bought this Flyboys one and it’s perfect. It wraps snugly around the leg with no protrusions to catch anything. And the Velcro all over makes it completely customizable. In fact, just today I’m ordering a second one for the other leg…I plan to keep frequencies and checklists on my left leg and a notepad and iPhone on the right.

  10. Nolimit

    Super unterstützung und praktisches fehlt jedoch die Verbrauchsmaterialien wie Papier in 5*8″

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