KORE AVIATION P1 General Aviation Headset for Pilots | Mono, 24 db Passive Noise Reduction Rating, Noise Canceling Microphone,

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  • FOR HEARING PROTECTION – Premier noise reduction rating (NRR) of 24db to block out engine and unwanted noise
  • FOR CLEAR COMMUNICATION – Electret, noise-canceling microphone with preamp on adjustable, wire boom
  • FOR GREAT SOUND – Volume control knob on acoustic, foam ear cup with ultra-lite neodymium speakers and 3.5mm input jack for phone connection (AUDIO ONLY)
  • FOR COMFORTABLE FIT – Adjustable headband with thick foam head pad for perfect fit
  • FOR DEPENDABLE GUARANTEE – No hassle 12 months manufacturer’s warranty included for all defects
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For General Aviation Use Only

Don’t sacrifice what’s important in a pilot headset for value! KORE AVIATION’s P1 Mono Series has it all: comfortable foam ear seals, stainless steel finish, MP3 aux port. It’s the perfect aviation headset for pilots, passengers, instructors, student pilots, flight schools and more looking for an affordable solution. Designed, engineered, and manufactured by pilots and headset experts with over 30 years of experience, KORE AVIATION guarantees quality with a 1 year Manufacturer’s Warranty serviced in Pilot Care Centers located right here in the U.S.A.

For pilots wanting a smaller or a children’s size, please contact support@koreheadset.com and we will offer a smaller headband that is self adjustable. Headset is for general aviation communication only; not compatible to speak on the phone or with PC using the aux port. Headset’s cable is not removable.

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Weight 549.98 kg




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‎MP3 Player, PC

Compatible Devices

‎Headset, Ipad

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‎On Ear

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‎24.61 x 23.01 x 12.4 cm; 549.98 Grams

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‎549 g



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‎10 April 2018



10 reviews for KORE AVIATION P1 General Aviation Headset for Pilots | Mono, 24 db Passive Noise Reduction Rating, Noise Canceling Microphone,

  1. Boomer AU

    cheap and great qualityGreat Product! If you need a backup in the cockpit or don’t want to spend money on Bose or David Clark this is the headset

  2. Stud muffin

    HeadsetArrived in good timeWas not too expensiveWorks greatHappy with purchaseTook a long time from purchase to try them out thanks to lockdown crap stopping me from having fun

  3. Ben Searle

    Value for moneyGood value for money

  4. Jose Ramer B. Megio Jr.

    No need for expensive headsetWorks perfectly and cheap

  5. Daniel L

    La mejor relación precio-calidadTodo fue excelente con el producto. Solamente recomiendo comprar por aparte las almohadillas de gel ya que en vuelos largos (más de 3 hrs) si se ponen algo incómodos, fuera de eso todo bien.

  6. College Student

    Perfect headset with the exception of the ear cups…This headset is superb. I have tried David Clarks and Telex Echelons, but these surpassed both of those in overall performance.I recently started flight training in a Cessna 172, and used an old set of David Clarks for my first two lessons. I was told those were the “industry standard”. Honestly, I was not impressed. Granted, this headset has seen a few hours of flight, but I noticed that I needed to basically yell for my voice to get picked up by the mic, which would inevitably lead to my instructor asking “why are you yelling?” I figured it was just the age of the headset that was causing issues.I then picked up a pair of Telex Echelon 25XTs from my brother, who used them during his training. This headset was much better in the sense that I could talk normally into the mic and get picked up. This was also by far the most comfortable headsets I had ever put on. I had no issue with these except for the fact that I needed to buy my own.When the time came for me to buy a headset, I ended up narrowing down the search to a pair of refurbished David Clark 10-13.4s ($300), Telex Echelon 25XT ($400), and these Kore P1s ($90). I went with the last option after reading reviews and also for being cheap.Before I go into the pros & cons, let me emphasize the NEED for gel ear seals with these (this is why I docked a star). The pre-installed seals are downright sad. I bought the Kore gel seals for around $25 and it is well worth it. The pros and cons will reflect my feelings about the headset with the gel seals on them.THE PROS:- The amount of background noise that gets through is just right- you could hear the engine sputter if if were to happen, but it is comfortable enough not to be overwhelmed.- The mic picks up my voice so easily- in a C172 at 1700rpm, I could practically whisper and my voice would come over- Everything coming over the radios sounds very clear- The ear seals provide great comfort- The headband is very comfy and doesn’t look like someone just put a pillow underneath metal (*ahem* David Clark)- The color is subtle and sleekTHE CONS:- The metal mic adjuster doesn’t seem to want to stay in the same place very easily (compared the the free moving ones)Compared the the David Clark and the Telex headsets that I previously used, this headset actually surpassed my expectations and performed better than all of the above at a price that was much, much cheaper.The only reason I docked a star was because of those pitiful ear cups. Come on!

  7. MozeeToby

    Surprisingly Good Build Quality, but heavy and a bit uncomfortableOverall these seems like an excellent product, especially for the price. Audio is clear and the mic picks up well once it’s adjusted properly. What can I say, they work well and they are 1/3 the price of comparable products from a more established brand. They also have a 5 year warranty, which is more than I would have expected.On the downsides, they are a bit heavy and the standard earpads are not very comfortable. There are some silicone earpads available for a bit extra and they make a significant difference to both the comfort and the noise cancelling.

  8. Kirk Blackwelder

    Hard to beat this one for the price.Lighter and more comfortable than my old Dave Clark’s that I wear almost religiously. This isn’t an ANR header, but it’s solid, and hard to beat for the price. Bought it for passengers to use when they fly with with me and it fits the bill. Will likely buy another more for other pax – and have sold a buddy on this one as well. Ear cups and head band were comfortable (and east to adjust). Quality is great – remains to be seen how durable it will be over the years.

  9. Andrew

    PLEASE READ!!! ACCURATE REVIEW!!!PLEASE READ!!!! because this is probably the most accurate review you will find about this headset. I say this because I have several friends also with this headset and we’ve been using it for two years- All have the same opinion about it… YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!!I gave this a 5-star rating because these are extremely reliable. I used this headset throughout my Private Pilot training and after. Not once in the two years I’ve been using these did they quit on me, not even for a second. Not a single problem with communication. That is probably what I care about the most because I’m one of those safety prone pilots. But… it’s time to get a new one.One thing you need to know about these is that regardless of your head shape or size, they are really uncomfortable. They squeeze against your ears and head with pretty good pressure, which sometimes resulted in some after pain for me (headaches, etc.). Also, these are NOT GLASSES FRIENDLY. Because of the pressure that it squeezes your head with, I literally ALWAYS have to adjust my glasses with it on because it will not allow them to stay straight.Some problems that will occur OVER TIME are…1. The ear cups WILL FLATTEN out a bit, which makes it worse.2. The mouth piece arm WILL get loose and it will always be moving away from your mouth. There is no fix for this either. No tightening no nothing.The bottom line is- This is a good headset for beginner training. HOWEVER, if you want to go all the way through ratings like I am, I strongly suggest investing in a better headset because having problems like these are just going to create unnecessary problems and distract you through very important training like instrument and commercial etc.

  10. Luis Manuel espino rodriguez

    ExcelenteFuncionan perfecto se escuchan claro además de que tienen entrada aux para oír música en el camino buenos para empezar a volar.

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